Wasabi — the finest sushi in Milwaukee and Brookfield

Experience the fusion of Wasabi: Where sushi meets lounge, East meets West and style melds with perfect simplicity. We are the premier restaurant for sushi in Milwaukee and Brookfield.

Wasabi Sushi & Sake Lounge offers a sensual feast, an immersion in culinary artistry, whether you’re already a sushi aficionado or are new to Japanese cuisine. Click here for the Wasabi Restaurant Guide to Sushi.

Our fine dining isn’t limited to sushi; our kitchen offers a full range of chicken, steak and seafood entrees and simply amazing salads. Our signature fusion style draws together tastes and ingredients from many Asian cuisines.

East, West, style, simplicity. It’s where our world meets yours.

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Come in and try Emperor Black Rice! Black rice is full of favor and packed with fiber and anti-oxidants!

Going On Now:

NFL Wine Selections

The NFL has paired up with select wine companies and a portion of the proceeds go to the homeless during the holidays. Come in now to find out more!

Half Rolls on Menu

Our new menu allows your to order half rolls. Signature Rolls can now be ordered in half orders, so that you can try a bit of everything without buying full rolls!

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